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Are you into permaculture, sustainability, degrowth or zerowaste? Then don’t miss applying for this opportunity!

The SLP project aims to explore in a collective way the roots of the ecological and climate crisis, and how to deal with them for a fair and sustainable future.

You will have the opportunity to discover relevant topics such as the #sustainability, #permaculture, #regenerativesystems, #blueconomy and #zerowaste. Moreover, you will engage with real changemakers to strengthen your net. Once acquired, the

theoretical and practical tools, you will use them for the creation of new ideas and projects.



Saja Project, Paternò (CT), Italy


From the 24th of May to 2nd of June 2022

For participants from 23-30 years old. 

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Creative Youth for Sustainable Environment

“Creative Youth for Sustainable Environment” is an ERASMUS+ project developed in partnership with four organizations from Croatia (Zamah Fundation), Italy (Saja), Spain (BiB) and Czech Republic (CPKP).

The project is focused on increasing the competencies of partner organizations, but it also highlights the importance of youth and their engagement in their local communities in the field of sustainable development.

In order to increase knowledge and competencies of both partner organizations and the youth this project will result in the development of four innovative e-learning modules that cover four areas in which partner organizations are experts on. These e learning modules will be available for everyone who apply in project platform.

In doing all this, we aim to encourage young people to be more active in their local communities and to drive positive changes in accordance with the highest Eco standards!


1 th Transnational meeting was hosted in Croatia by Zamah Foundation in Zagreb and was held from 16th to 19th of December 2019. Beautiful Christmas period and successful meeting!

2 nd Transnational meeting will be hosted in Spain by Business Innovation Brokers in Bilbao from 27th to 30th of April 2020.

3 rd Transnational meeting will be hosted in Czech Republic in Prague by CPKP from 13th to 16th of July 2020.


4 th Transnational meeting will be hosted in Italy by Saja in Paternò from 5th to 8th of October 2020.


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Sustanability lifestyle course

Sustainable Lifestyle Course 2019

29 of March to 7th of April 2019

(testo in Italiano subito dopo quello in Inglese)

Sustainable Lifestyle is a 10 day course combining elements of Permaculture design, blue economy and social design for resilience. The course will take place from the 29th of March to 7th of April 2019 at the Saja Project in Paternò (Catania, Italy).

The course has been developed for those who want to understand the basic competences needed to transform our daily life into a more sustainable and regenerative one, to address problematic environmental issues and modern social challenges of European society.
The activities will give examples of good practices fir a more sustainable living, inner and community resilience, personal development, mutual understanding and to promote feelings of connection to the others and to wider social and environmental context.

Sustainable Lifestyle course will help participants to:
* Adquire knowledge of permaculture theory and practice in ways that create real change in their daily life and activates communities;
* Develop and deepen facilitation skills through non-formal education and active learning;
* Apply the ecological principles of permaculture to social structures to create solid and efficient organizations;
* Study economic models which serve to develop and enrich local communities (social innovation and enterprise, alternative currencies, time banks, LETS schemes, divestment, right livelihoods);
* Use Systems Theory in identifying the leverage points to support positive transformation of society;
* Design community resilience.

Facilitators: Salvatore Giaccone, Manuela Trovato, Roberto Barbagallo, Claudio Alessandro Pinzauti

Training course is financed by Erasmus+ programme for young adults from Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Five people can participate from each country including the country coordinator.

The costs of food, accommodation and travel will be covered by the grant. To ensure the full sustainability of this project, we will ask to the participants a course fee between 20 and 50€ according to the grant they earn.

Apply by the 20th of february 2019, filling the form in the link

For more information visit our website:

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Sustainable Lifestyle Course – Scambio Giovanile

Sustainable Lifestyle è uno scambio giovanile che coinvolgerà 20 partecipanti provenienti da Italia, Grecia, Portogallo e Spagna ed avrà luogo tra il 29 marzo ed il 7 di aprile 2019 presso il progetto Saja, Paternò (Catania, Italia).

Questo è il primo progetto internazionale promosso dall’associazione Saja e risponde alla domanda su come sviluppare un approccio olistico alla sostenibilità e allo sviluppo economico tra i giovani europei e nei vari contesti locali.

Attraverso questo scambio giovanile vogliamo far comprendere e condividere le competenze di base per trasformare la nostra vita quotidiana in una più sostenibile e rigenerativa, considerando le questioni ambientali e le sfide europee della società contemporanea. Allo stesso tempo scopriremo quali sono le attività che nutrono uno stile di vita sostenibile, una transizione interiore e di comunità verso la resilienza, la comprensione dei legami che ci interconnettono tra esseri umani e con il nostro contesto ambientale e socio-economico.

Dopo un’introduzione teorico-pratica alla Permacultura, lavoreremo attraverso attività pratiche, terremo laboratori e attività per rafforzare la rete locale, condividendo quotidianamente la vita comunitaria in un clima di mutuo supporto.

Ai partecipanti forniremo:

–       Pasti gratuiti giornalieri, biologici e locali

–       Alloggio in tenda condivisa

–       Un’esperienza formativa unica in una cornice come quella di Saja alle pendici dell’Etna

–       Certificato Youthpass al termine dell’esperienza formativa

Ai partecipanti italiani si richiederà solo di provvedere alle spese di viaggio (inquanto non finanziate dal progetto) e 20 euro per l’iscrizione all’associazione Saja.

Termine ultimo per iscriversi 20 febbraio tramite questo form

Evento Fb

o scrivi a


Sustainable Lifestyle Course is over since almost 3 months but it’s still nice to share what happened during this precious time!
We’re grateful to this learning community that is supporting us as we grow our confidence to share, to facilitate, and of course to build togheter a more resilent world too.